The Genius of One: God’s Answer for Our Fractured World by Greg Holder is a companion resource that dives deeper into Jesus’ prayer in John 17, “That they” – that we – “would be one.” Greg’s passion for scripture combines with his unique brand of humor and storytelling resulting in a fun, impactful resource about developing healthy culture – why it matters and how to get there.

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Richard Sterns

Your greatest takeaway will be how your influence and leadership in embracing our oneness in Christ is the first step toward changing the world.

Richard Sterns, Former President of World Vision U.S.

Richard Sterns

In our divided culture, I can’t imagine a more timely and critical message.

Gabe Lyons, President of Q Ideas

Richard Sterns

This book not only envisions the possibilities of what we are called to be as one body, but Holder gives us colorful pictures and practical nuts and bolts of how we can be the answer to Jesus’ prayer of true oneness.

Dr. David Anderson, Author of “Gracism: The Art of Inclusion”

Our connection to one another is not just how we survive in this world. It is how we will prevail. It is how we will glorify and honor Jesus.
It is now time for us to lead with more confidence.
The beauty of the many working in unison will only happen if we all show up.