The world is fractured.
Tensions are High,
patience is low,
and goodwill
is hard to come by.
There must be a

Tracing back to a prayer Jesus prayed on the worst night of his life, “That they” - that we - "would be one,” The Genius of One takes us on a winding journey from that glorious prayer to the practical realities of everyday life. For those who cling to the hope that God is still at work, The Genius of One will both stir a deeper longing for a better way and provide practical steps toward that way.

In The Genius of One, Greg Holder reminds us of the high value Jesus and his early followers placed on community and offers guidance for how to see and relate to one another in emotionally and spiritually healthy ways so that we, the Church, can fulfill Jesus’ prayer and model a better way of loving one another in a fractured world.

The Genius of One Course is a five-week curriculum that invites you into God’s plan for healthy collaboration and outlines the practical roadmap on how to get there. Inspired by a prayer that Jesus prays on the worst night of His life, each session of the course unpacks God’s answer for our fractured world.

The Genius of One Conference is a global gathering of church and community leaders organized by The Crossing and Living Water International rooted in the prayer of John 17, with the purpose of strengthening and uniting the local Church. The conference offers practical skills, leadership lessons, and discipleship tools to equip and empower leaders around the world.