The Genius of One: God's Answer for Our Fractured World by Greg Holder is a companion resource that dives deeper into Jesus' prayer in John 17, “That they” - that we - “would be one.” Greg's passion for scripture combines with his unique brand of humor and storytelling resulting in a fun, impactful resource about developing healthy culture - why it matters and how to get there.

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"The Genius of One is a practitioner's handbook for how businesses, churches, and individuals can achieve more together than apart"

David Hickman, author of Closer Than Close

"A profound unpacking of a profound thesis–everything worth anything in this world is rooted in the oneness of God."

Rick James, publisher of CruPress

"In our divided culture, I can't imagine a more timely and critical message"

Gabe Lyons, President of Q Ideas/Q Media

"It is the most powerful thing we can do in this world. To love as we have been loved. We do this and the words Jesus spoke to his Father on the worst night of his life come to life as an answered prayer."

The Genius of One

Greg Holder is the author of The Genius of One. From local efforts in his hometown of St. Louis, to global partnerships around the world, one of Greg's great joys is to build bridges and find areas of collaboration between organizations, cultures, and people.