The Genius of One Course is meant to be experienced in community. All of us, together, sharpening one another.
Over five, two-hour sessions, lead your group through Scripture-rich video curriculum designed to spark conversation around how each of us can thrive in community with others while working together to reflect Jesus’ love to a watching world.
Whether in a large room of people seated around tables or in a small group setting in person or over Zoom, we recommend gathering in groups of eight or fewer to best foster community and conversation.


Week 1: Unity

This first session lays the foundation for The Genius of One Course, leaning on John 17 and the Shema from Deuteronomy 6, as we study the Hebrew word for one, Echad, and uncover how our connection to one another is not just how we will survive in this world, but prevail.
3 video segments | 30 minutes of video content | 1 facilitated group discussion | Icebreakers and time for hospitality

Week 2: Spiritual Gifts

Taking a cue from Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12, we look at the Church as “one Body with many parts” and unpack the unique role each of us play in the Body of Christ. We give practical guidance on how to uncover and unleash those gifts with the Body.
3 video segments | 50 minutes of video content | 2 facilitated group discussions | Spiritual Gift reflection time

Week 3: Boundaries

We wrestle through how each of us can be part of something bigger than ourselves while maintaining wise boundaries and guarding our hearts. And we cultivate a clearer understanding of what is healthy for us to take ownership of and what isn’t, when it comes to matters of spiritual and emotional health.
4 video segments | 40 minutes of video content | 1 facilitated group discussion | Role-playing boundary setting exercise

Week 4: Conflict Resolution

Using Matthew 18 as our framework, we discuss the importance of resolving conflict by Jesus’ standards and we share practical tools, establish common language, and create clear standards of conduct with each other.
4 video segments | 40 minutes of video content | 2 facilitated group discussions | Role-playing conflict resolution exercise

Week 5: Bringing Your Best to the Body

Finally, as we wrap up The Genius of One Course, we touch on the importance of forgiveness, valuing others, and giving to the local church as we begin to live out God’s genius and develop an intentional culture of creative collaboration, in which each of us bring our best to His mission.
5 video segments | 56 minutes of video content | 2 facilitated group discussions | What’s next reflection time

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